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AO4E is a collective of educators, student leaders, school administrators, elected officials, and local advocates who are committed to building power and making change on behalf of school communities in Los Angeles.


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Our most recent focus is on growing and cultivating youth and educator leadership. Our Regional Strategy Team works with student leaders to create on sight leadership teams. AO4E works in partnership with the schools listed below. If you are a student or educator interested in beginning a school chapter, please reach out.

Esperanza College Prep   Representing East LA

Esperanza College Prep

Representing East LA

Representing the Pico-Union Neighborhood

Representing the Pico-Union Neighborhood


AO4E Regional Strategy Team

A04E is led by a regional strategy team composed of people committed to change through student leadership and community organizing. Learn about the RST by reading member bio’s below!


Stephanie Kozofsky

Stephanie is a coordinator on the Regional Impact team at Leadership for Educational Equity where she supports over 40,000 teachers. She is a former 12th grade teacher in Los Angeles and Chicago, and currently sits on the LAUSD Safe Schools Task Force and is a founding member of the National Coalition for Safe Schools. She loves the diversity and variety of cultures in Los Angeles! She’s learned more from our students and communities than she ever has in a classroom


Godfrey is a Filipino immigrant and a product of Los Angeles and Long Beach Unified School Districts; he is a former public middle school reading teacher himself. After working in teacher preparation for nine years, he shifted to systems-change work, supporting and leading community organizing efforts in volunteer and paid capacities. He is obsessed with ensuring that students, families, and educators have a seat at the table in the creation and implementation of policies that are meant to serve their interests. Godfrey stepped off a plane at LAX on October 28, 1988, and Los Angeles raised him to be who he is today: a community-of-color-repping, food and culture-loving, music-blasting sun-soaker, who loves his yearly treks to Disneyland, but only when we can afford it. He grew up in the South Bay, but has been repping Central LA/Koreatown since 2016


Godfrey Plata


Briana Torres

Briana was born in raised in the San Fernando Valley. After graduating from UCLA she worked in a few education nonprofits and went on to join TFA in 2017. She is honored to work alongside passionate educators and students advocating for equity in education.Briana love LA's music, film, and art scene, its museums, and the food. She feels that she’ll always represent North Hollywood (where she grew up) and she’s honored to represent her students from Pico-Union.


Ava is a TK-2 special education teacher at Alexandria Avenue Elementary School. She is a Boston native and is passionate about educational policy reform.As a recent transplant to LA, Ava has enjoyed getting to experience all LA has to offer. She currently lives in East Hollywood and works in a neighborhood between Hollywood and Koreatown.


Ava Marinelli



Alex Jason

Alex Jason is a former teacher who is committed to bringing leadership opportunities to students and building bridges between different communities. She began her teaching career in Detroit, and continued teaching in South Central; later becoming an administrator in East Los Angeles. In her free time, Alex enjoys running throughout LA and looking at public art murals. She loves exploring parts of South Central and Downtown LA by running through her community. Fun Fact- Alex has ran the LA Marathon 5 times!

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CAroline Battle

Caroline grew in Mississippi, did TFA in San Antonio, and she moved to LA in June 2018. She’s passionate about mental healthcare, holistic education, and making sure students and teachers are supported inside and outside of the classroom. Her dream is to someday create a program that addresses student and teacher wellness through advocacy, direct services, resources, and trainings. Caroline loves that there is some sort of community event/fair/festival/etc. on pretty much any given day in LA--there's always something to celebrate!