Current Campaigns

In spring 2018, students from across Los Angeles came together to identify issues impacting their school and local communities. Through a series of house meetings and discussions, students identified three issues as most significant to their everyday lived experiences. The current student identified campaign topics include:

1) Physical Safety Feeling safe commuting to and from school.

2) Emotional Safety Ensuring access to sufficient mental health resources both inside and outside of school.

3) Supporting undocumented and immigrant populations In a climate of fear, students want to promote policies that positively support and protecting undocumented and immigrant communities.


Policy Windows

1) Physical Safety

AO4E is currently working with LAUSD to collect information about student experiences to and from school. The data collected will be used to inform future safety policies within the district.

2) Emotional Safety

California State Assembly Bills 11-13 are currently being proposed in Sacramento. These State Assembly Bills would help bring more mental health services into schools.

3) Supporting undocumented and immigrant populations

In order to support leaders who are most likely to pass policies supporting undocumented families, AO4E canvassed during the mid term elections in order to remind communities the importance of voting.